Vaikalya Nivarana Sasthra 

Vaikalya Nivarana Shaasthra (disability elimination science) is an age old ancient Indian science. It was defined well like all other science during 500BC by the ancient Indian sage Kaishapa. It is a total science for all kind of human disabilities, mental retardation and deformities.

The definition of this science is described as follows. Human body is formed and constituted by atom or parmanu. The padaartha (physical properties) used for the formation of this kind of human body is the presentation as it is. Any ups and down of the intensity of Padartha will reflect as it is to the body. Witch will show as disability or deformity. The human body is built by nine subsistence(drevya). This substance are known as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Time, Space, Self, and Mind. The nature of a particular dharma, of the essence of the Substance, Attribute, Action, Genus, Species, and Combination. Each substance is divided by 17 attributes. Every attribute has five actions. every action has different genus. Every genus has different specious and combinations. These is the simple explanation about Vaiskalya Nivarana Saasthra.

It is explaining well as the human disabilities like mental retardation and other conditions will not curable by medicine. This statement was established by BC 500. And it was practiced well as a ritual process for resting all human problems other than disease.

This is a combination of a group of science which include Kayakalpa saasthra, vaasthu saasthra, bimba saasthra, lekshana saasthra, bhoomi saasthra ,sabda saasthra, padhartha dharma saasthra  and mantra saasthra . The inter-dependability of of the various branch of science is the depth and accuracy of this branch of science.

By using this system of science all human disabilities can be solved/ normalised with in few 4 weeks’ time.

Mental Retardation, Autism, ADHD, muscular dystrophy, color blindness, down syndrome and almost all human disabilities can be solved.

The 25 years long research of Yogi Mohan make it possible to reimplement the rare ancient knowledge to the world as a real remedy for human conditions. For the establishment and study of the age-old technology, a canter has been started in Bangalore named Heritage Campus. This ritual process and a traditional knowledge is available for selected persons now. (this science is not consisting with any medicinal application)