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Why human disabilities are medically impossible conditions; the cause of human disabilities and rare disease

October 19, 2017


As per the definition of the medical science, human disability is a condition and that cannot be curable. As on day, Science and technology has been established well and man started to live with the support of artificial intelligence. It is exceeded the time to think differently for the universal wellbeing by the decision makers. As per the terminology of medical science, drug science and biological definitions, disabilities exist as a condition. In the technological research for disability is shows that the causes are different than the understanding by medical definitions for human disabilities. Medical science has a pathology and other methodology for examinations and finding the problems and disease in a human body. The result of the pathological examinations is based on the existing established biological definitions.   But human disabilities are by different reason and terminology, that no way connected with physiology and anatomy using for medical approach. Human anatomy and biological approaches can be used to analysis for aesthetic balance of the human architectural body for post administrative segments of disability normalisation process. The cause of human disabilities is different than the known definitions.

The cause of human disability:

1.            The living world: The living world of the human being is considered two stages. It is perpartum and postpartum. Prepartum is an aquatic life. Life in water for 280 days. In this period the living world is the water, a concentrated warm chemical compound. The intensity and structure of the flued inside the womb will change constantly as per the emotions and physical conditions of the mother. It changes the attributes of the living world of the aquatic man. It affects as corresponding problem in the second part as postpartum period. In this prepartum, the growth and developments are happening from tale to head.

2.            Variations of sound in the living world: Sound travels nearly four times faster in water than air. The sound of outside the body can be regulated by the mother as her own. But any of the sound including ultra and infra level is audible to the aquatic men(fetus) during the period. This instant sound beams are creating extra sensitivity and fear. This fear suspends the scale of growth in every micro second in development period (DNA changes happening here) This is the major second cause of disability

3.            Logistics damages: The logistics transportation of particles for the growth and developmental purpose for the feats is by the umbilical cord. The mood change and emotional status of the mother affect perfectly to fetus, which control or limits the logistics of development chemicals from umbilical cord.

4.            The birth processes: The ultimate crisis and horrible situation is the birth process. As per the pain scale, pain in birth is nearly 400 times than any other pain for the fetus coming out from the womb. It is a process of compressing the head and body like using a hydraulic press to reduce the size, it reduce the size of head and body through compressing the vegina muscles. It reduces forcefully by the vegina muscles and through that considerable damage is affecting to the head and body

5. The first cry and breath: Coming out from the aquatic life is the postpartum period. It is another big crisis ever in a life. It is like a reverse order of pulling one in to extremely deep cold water who don’t know swimming. Birth is coming out from water to a cold atmosphere without breath air. In the prepartum period a fetus is growing in warm flued that nearly two times of external temperature. Coming out with  soft sensitive skin to the half level of  temperature together with the after effects (pain and damage) of the compressing by the vegina muscles and without breath air is a critical stage for any being. Trying for the existing like drown to the water is another biggest crisis in a human life. Any of the fails recovering from this stage is the cause of disability

There are five more reasons are detected perfectly that the levitation and gravitation effect of earthen properties occasionally by the motion of the mother, astral energy actions, radioactive rays, electrical and magnetic field and pheromones actions are other major cause the disabilities

Any of the above situation singly or jointly cause the human disability, deformity and rare disease in any age of a life. By the architectural structure and aesthetic.

In DES technology, there is scale and parameter to detect the cause of the problems in all disabilities, Mental Retardation to physical deformity. Disability in every person is unique and there is no equal comparison to another parson. But by implementing a law, any of the damages can be reparable by that body itself by understanding the area of damages. This damage can be in any connecting part of the body. This connecter expressed as disability and a connecting deformity. The technology lead to, how to detect, how to organize and how to reorganize the body in to the level of normal being. There is a natural law that, for the reorganisation and solutions for the damages in prepartum period, will not accepts any kind of artificial chemicals by the body. That is why medical science fail to find a remedy for human disabilities and deformities, that still exist as a condition.

The DES technology lead to step by step procedures till all the particle restoring to the damaged body. The biology and anatomy for the disabled or deformed is considering in different with an established human biology. Because the proportion and ratio of the one to another body parts are not seeing as per the established human anatomy. It seems unique ever ( the term disability is meant by all the human conditions which will not curable completely)



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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