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What is Pleasure and how Consciousness woks

September 9, 2017


Consciousness, enlightenment, insight, sensation, orgasm and many inexplicable states are superficially defined with some speculative statements, at times with philosophical terms. Some people speak of them in verbose, eulogized dictum. Attempts were made to define these in technical terms, yet unfinished. Pedagogical realms of these terms are cluttered with research theses, write-ups, speeches and scholarly utterances. Many of such vindications are like enlightenment is what Gautama Buddha realized under the Bodhi / banyan tree, instead of defining in plain terms. Moreover, all these are mere assumptions; we know how far assumptions can fare.

Consciousness has a pivotal space in Disability Elimination Science, in other words the science is based on gaining consciousness. The practical side of the science is “bringing a zero-intelligence individual to a common being with acceptable level of intelligence”, after all.

Inception of a new being takes place in the mother’s womb, or stomach in physiological terms. Belly is of high importance in the physical body, which accommodates the greatest sensitivity center – where the lowest vertebral columns and the lower part of the belly converge.

Head bears three inward faces/ chambers/ cavities/ holes/ craters that input data into the body; they are nose, mouth, ears and eyes. These faces/ chambers/ cavities/ holes/ craters transmit external data such as smell, food, sound and sight through the nervous system, to associated part of the brain. These inputs are then converted as experience to help one gain consciousness or activate his conscience. This natural process takes place normally in a healthy individual. One who lacks vision does not sense visual experiences, one with defective olfaction does not sense smells, another who lacks sensitivity of the tongue fails in realizing taste of food, these are termed as deficiencies or impairments. There are people who do not sense touch, as their skin got desensitized or of some other reasons. One’s ability to enjoy the sensory experience is determinant in his experience of the outer world. His faculties related with touch, vision, olfaction, taste and hearing ultimately determine his ability.

Odour of opposite sex, sight of the private parts of the opposite sex, salacious wordings and such sexual symbols arouse one sexually, i.e., the experience instantly results in responsive action and exhibits its emotional repercussions. One receives experiences mainly through smell, air, food, sound and sight, we stated earlier; among which air and sound are devoid of mass and weight. As the air and sound lack mass, they have no individual realizations; i.e., their sensation is dependent upon the character of the substances. For example, discerning the substances is required to categories the smells as aroma or stench. Experience of smell and sound becomes complete with associated sight and taste, like unbecoming sight and distasteful items cause repulsion and make one elope; stench and irritating sound also have the same effect. Fragrance, taste, attractive sights, and easing sound make one at ease and comfort because they create an appealing sensor experience. One who can distinguish these experiences yearns for more, and builds his knowledge database accordingly.

The nose, mouth, ears and eyes input experiences into the body, and in these sensory experiences the body absorbs the matter-less and discharges the rest through two tracts in the form of excrement and urine. The nose and mouth are interdependent; one’s experience depends upon the other’s feedback. Breathing (inhalation and exhalation) can be done through both of these, smelling also can be. These two cavities share the respiratory and olfactory faculties. Smell of food tells us the taste of it, nose is instrumental in the sensory experience of the tongue. These two operate with the help of the other. Likewise, urinary and excretory tubes are also dependent upon each other. Discharge of urine is carried out through the genital organs, which can independently be made. But while excretion, the bodily mechanisms activate the urinary tube and discharges urine along. We must have noticed that urine passes without any initiation during excretion, no matter how much pressure we exert to prevent it.

The major cavities/ tracts/ tubes in the human body as mentioned above, are classified into two on the basis of their operation, as Inner Faces and Outer Faces. Human face itself is outer face, as it accommodates the holes for inward operations. Inner Faces comprise of the Urinary and Excretory tubes, they discharge urine, excrement and fluids for reproduction. Outer faces are shown in public while the Inner ones are kept in private.





A, B and C are the Nose and Mouth, Ears and Eyes, Ears and D, E and F are the tracts for excretion, urination and discharge (of reproductive fluids -semen in man, and delivery in woman). All the sensations through the ABC must be discharged proportionately through the DEF, while these two operations arouse the G. Intakes as well as Discharges arouse the G part accordingly. The discomfort and hardships of compulsive repression of urination becomes like an orgasmic experience as soon as it is released, like in the case of excretion. Utter thirst and its soreness becomes orgasmic when it is quenched. We feel pleasure when pleasing fragrance replaces stench, we experience it almost every day. Soft tone of a lyre soothes when we have heard enough of the irritating noises. All these unbecoming experiences, such as morbid sights, unpleasant smells, bad taste and irritating noise which are input through the Outer faces create uneasiness, and when they are made reverse become orgasmic. Excretion is an involuntary state, led by the external substances in the smell and food intakes, like morbid sights and sounds lead to fear.

Enlightenment or Consciousness are caused by physical intakes, appropriate intakes lead to consciousness. Sensory experiences such as touch, olfaction, figure and essence, at an excess level result in death, sound is not included. The sound is inherent in the air, the former has no existence apart; wearing a helmet can control auditory experience. Consciousness which is supreme orgasmic, is simply opposite to death, orgasm is the utmost physical sensation. Ultimate sensory experiences through the ABC and DEF give one with orgasm, it does not merely mean sexual stimulation and discharge of fluids alone. Orgasmic experiences are highly relative, the enjoyable varies with situations. Pleasing smells, tasty food intakes, appealing sights, soothing sounds, comforting excretion and urination, and all pleasing sensory experiences are in fact orgasmic. Highest of all orgasmic experiences is derived through sexual union, of mutually attracted genitals of opposite sex. The source of this orgasmic experience lies down under the navel region. Birth and growth of a being also centres around this region. Sexual orgasm and death are two extreme sensations.

Man gets pleasure from the sensory experiences and their furore, but fails to define the experience in clear cut terms, like what did he experience, how did it feel like. Instead he categories the experiences through his ABC and DEF as comfortable and uncomfortable, appealing and unappealing; the first category will be registered as worth remembering while the latter as not worth remembering. This registration happens in the G plane, where all the discharges are coordinated.

The orgasmic experiences are related with appropriate hormone secretion, each experience has its own hormone pattern. The secreted hormones cause emotional drive to love, to destroy, to help and to punish, these feelings are in fact associated to orgasmic discharges. Pain also create discharges, defence mechanisms like waging war with the enemy, fleeing from danger, striving to rescue oneself and such attempts are examples. Highest sensory experience of this too is death. As humans are extraordinary creatures, we exhibit a taste to experiencing negative and painful sensations, but death happens only once in a lifetime, though it has two close associates called dream and consciousness. Death is actually a physical state in the social plane of an individual. Recurring sensory experiences through the ABC and DEF malfunction in the internal organs of the body and secrete hormones in excess. These hormones disfigure the physical body. Sleep is a natural mechanism to rectify these malfunctions and resuscitate to the healthy state, bodily faculties get restored after the emendations. Unwanted substances and matters will be pushed for discharge as excrement, during sleep, and the body prepares itself for the excretion. As the conscience of a person is relieved of pain, it sets focus on wishes and imaginations about himself or someone else awhile, which are recorded as dreams. The subconscious correlates sensory experiences and associated visuals to arouse an orgasmic experience.

Concerning the consciousnessand excitement for every intake have a discharge. A taste food and water create its own excitements or enlightens through the taste and associated smell.



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