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Uniqueness is no coincidence

September 8, 2017

Scholars are of different opinion regarding the evolution of the world; some advocate it was created by God, some favour big bang, some others some other theories. As a matter of fact we should admit that it is indisputably obscure. Historians have not yet come into a commonly accepted rationale. The world changes in each and every moment and that adds the confusion, how could such a metabolism work out mechanically. An aesthetic balance and beauty is visible in each movement and revolution of the spheres, the earth specifically maintains it. The enticing and heart-warming beauty of the earth makes her an enchantress, when was she born is a question scientists have been asking ever since sciences developed. History, geography, physics, chemistry, religion or any system of knowledge has its own definitions and derivations about the Earth’s genetics. Here, we are going to see the earth not from a scientist’s but an artist’s point of view.

            What a wonderful earth it is! The artistic mixture of various sensory experiences remains a mystery to any spectator. Earth is beauty to a poet form a standpoint which is different from that of a painter. A lyricist listens to the sounds in his surroundings and one who draws portraits sees the amazing composition of colours around him. Earth is accepted by an astrophysicist from another point of view, technically; which is entirely different from a metallurgist’s view. As water is compatible to any dish, the earth is viewable from desired perspective. Everybody sees his own earth and that is like a blind man’s perception of an elephant; as in a story in Indian local languages. Once five blind men met with an elephant, each of them touched different parts of its body to have an understanding of what it looks like. One touched the trunk, one tusks, one its long legs and the last one its tails. Each of them argued over how the elephant looks like, from the information they received with their sensory experience. To one the elephant was a strong, metal-like, sharp edged creature, to another it was a long, soft, pillar-like creature, and so on. Such is the perception of each system of knowledge, about the mother earth; no view is complete on its own. These perceptions altogether create the whole- holistic persona of the earth.

            Everything changes but change; everything is new and different every moment. Man makes sense of the world through his senses, each sensory perception is unique. He registers millions of sensory data during his lifetime. Life of man on earth is a journey, in which he receives and shares information with others. The journey is destined to be unique and idiosyncratic. Life on the planet gives him unique experiences via different founts. A physical man aspires to procreate and believes that there gets his responsibility to the generation fulfilled. His urge for sexual union – one and only means to procreate- is the key to maintaining the race. It is also a sensory data. Each sensory data forms a genetic code. The urge for sexual union creates the lines of structural genetic code of the tentative generation. Such is the case of other sensory experiences, like smelling, touching, seeing, tasting and hearing. Each emotional experience produces its corresponding genetic code. Different smells (humans are capable of identifying approximately 17,000 varieties of smells) lead up to different chemical codes, different sounds do the same. These genetic codes/ chemical codes determine one’s character, development, culture, physical structure and whatever he has. We know people of different regions exhibit different entities, Caucasians pertain to a particular terrestrial region, negroids also. They have their own particularities and that is fundamentally rest upon this difference.

            Let us look further into difference, Individual difference: history has been collective information of generations, each generation contributed its stake. Accuracy of the statements of historians is sometimes disputed under logical circumstances and that is no matter of discussion here. Sometimes their arguments are contradictory since the collective information appertains to a particular region, i.e., a region holds its own collective information. The nature and character of people is dependent upon the collective information as well.  High electric or magnetic fields and places with nuclear emissions, chemical odours, tainted atmospheric conditions, high beam sounds etc influence the individuality of people who live there. Seasons, climatic conditions, temperature and such natural factors are also instrumental in determining the character of people. During my research, I came across several instances in which places exert influence upon people drastically, like the infamous Agasthyakooda in Kerala, India. In the hills called Agasthyakooda, (there is an idol of the Indian sage Agasthya in the hills, which gave it the name. Agasthyakooda means hill of Agasthya) most of the people are dwarfs, science has not found a justifiable reason yet. Even Pygmy sized animals and plants are there. The legends say that Sage Agasthya was only 3 and half feet tall and that attribute has become the character of a whole region. Our researches have proven that it is because of the influence of the geographical patterns and the presence of unique natural mineral deposit in the area.

            Colour, height, bone architecture, skeletal system and physical structure of humans are under the influence of several factors including those stated earlier. People of Nepal are normally mini-sized, Africans are black and Caucasians are white and so and so. There is individual difference in other aspects of the body, in people of different terrain. The mystery behind this difference provoked me carry out researches in the concerned fields and that resulted in identifying the aforementioned reasons.                              

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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