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Striking a different chord for retardation

September 8, 2017

Modern science, as we all know is in the path of progress. We have been hunting for cure of various diseases for decades together. But what about those situations that are incurable? The modern Treatment Pundits turn their face against the incurable as conditions, pulls off their head by simply advising the affected and those around the affected to learn to live with the condition. This was the statement we received when we met a few of Yogi Mohan’s clients. Mahesh, one of the parents of Yogi Mohan’s prospect said: “We were advised to live according to Celina’s (name changed) condition. That was the twelfth doctor we visited. His statement was clear. Change your life and learn to live with your daughter’s situation. Do not expect her to raise herself to your level at any point of time. Celina was normal till eight months of pregnancy. Then after scanning we were told that her growth has slowed down. We went to the entire specialist around. A part of her brain had not developed.

We were shocked about its after effect when a doctor told as she would be nothing but a vegetable when born. To say, after birth, she had no expression, couldn’t move herself…all tests were done as per procedure including EEG. It was identified that none of her senses worked, none will work…  It was a tough time.  Whenever we looked at the innocent face we cried. We didn’t know what to do… we would provide our little one with world’s best treatment if it was available. But all doors were shut before us. Slowly we came to a point where we had no choice but to live with our fate. It was then we saw an article about Yogi Mohan.  Even though we had no hope, we decided to give it a try. He was the first person who said – YES, IT IS CURABLE. If you ask us…continued Mr. Mahesh, he was the first person who was confident that the condition was curable and that he could do it. We started getting result in the very first sitting itself. 

Celina was having sleep problem. She would sleep a maximum of two or three hours a day. Her timings of sleep would keep changing every day. Moreover, Celina would wake by even by the slightest distraction.  So, her sleep became the most precious thing in the house. The night after the first session, Celina slept so well, for the first time after birth. Since then, we never had any issue regarding her sleep. She is now seven years old and is in much better condition that all doctors claimed her to be. For us, this was just a beginning of surprises that was to follow. We witnessed steady change in Celina.

Her responses have come to normal, brushing aside all the fears she exhibited like a closed place for example. Today she eats her food with spoon, stands on her feet- to be precise is on her path to normalcy. We could not attend the sitting continuously as we were available in India only for two months every year. In those days of treatment every year we have witnessed transformation of a life from vegetable to human being. We have gone through the agonies, fears and frustration like every other parent having a differently abled child. We wish that sharing of our experience would help similar parents to take up a second chance, may be their only chance for better life.” We have another heart touching experience shared by parents of Kiran (Name changed).

Kiran, Age 12, was brought to Heritage Campus by his parents after they lost every hope about their son’s recovery. His parents were as cynical as usual while taking him to Heritage Campus since there was not even an iota of progress after years long treatment in all other known fi elds of medicine known fi elds of medicine and all doctors declared their son’s condition to be incurable. Kiran was the only child born after 8 years of marriage. He was diagnosed with mental retardation with cerebral palsy. After a few days of therapeutic sessions itself with Yogi Mohan, prominent changes were visible. His parents had lost all hope before those few days. Talking about the sessions, Kiran’s parents were all praise for Yogi Mohan  and of boundless joy as they watch their son, Kiran leading a normal life like any other kids of his age. Yogi Mohan paves a unique path in conquering or rather submitting to nature sources in curing ailments  in general and brain related ailments in particular.

He had the penchant and inclination for research work right from the age of 6, he says, be it Vedanta, Bimbasastra, Science, Indian philosophes , and what not. He is imbibed of an enviable knowledge in Vedanta apart from the Chathurvedas,  Ashtakas, Brahmanas ,Aranyakas and Mayasutra .With hordes of knowledge to his credit to him walks head straight with his success stories. Yogi Mohan dedicates his knowledge to that part of Shastra long forgotten. To him, decoding the Vedic secret has led to prevention and cure of all CONDITIONS. Many hundred cases have been proved in each branch of conditions like mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, multiple syndrome, brain injury, physical disability etc.… Yogi Mohan has been able to bring back many lives to normalcy using the knowledge he acquired through his continuous thirty years spiritual practice and research without implying any components.

. To him, modern medical practice runs behind curing illness by treating human being part by part. These regard human beings as a machine not worth than parts of the whole. This chunking process has turned blind to the ultimate truth – that human being like every other living being is part of Mother Nature, and nature has its own way of mending and repairing its creations to maintain the equilibrium. For Mother Nature, no human being is more blessed, different or disabled because for all imbalances during creation of life, either induced or not, is given ample time for rectification and balancing. But, unfortunately this is definitely not the way of modern branches of treatment. As Yogi Mohan puts it is ONE WHOLE and not PART or BITS to be treated like. We, the commoners as Yogi Mohan adds are so used with this kind of spiritual practice that we have reached a stage where we would refuse blindly any other alternative treatment. A king of fear has been induced into the mind of people by the vested interest that the available method is the only precise one and that those who think out of the box is in danger. They are the people who pump in money to gain more. Now, when asked, even for a simple cold we run to a doctor for the artificial chemicals than believe in what nature has kept for us and using it for the best if person’s health. However, we do acknowledge that the treatment market sells deadly poison all artificially made. Give it a second thought, how many of us are aware about the natural combination

presented to us for our welfare by Mother Nature. To Yogi Mohan, human conditions and physical abilities keeps changing due to a host of reasons. One such, as world of science put forth is the total permanent change happening at the genetic level. However, it is a common knowledge that genetic changes are affected by environmental factors and wrong life styles inducing modifications and mutations. This is

reflected in increase in both of children with mental disorders.

A host of known treatment methods including Allopathy, Ayurveda etc.… have washed off its hands in helping the children born with conditions like retardation.  To Yogi Mohan, retardation is a condition curable by inducing balance in the brain system. Whenever any said system of treatment fails to handle a crisis, a new system has to emerge and it is a boon to contemporary world that India has lapped many such knowledge. Yogi Mohan has taken pain to unleash before the world a new wave of science sourced from ancient medical practices. Its application using modern technology has cured many conditions that have lead to retardation and retardation itself splashing new rays of hope in the scientific world as well as the world of commoners.  Human body may not accept all medicines taken in. This can render only partial relief to the patient. Yogi Mohan has brought in a new process that creates changes faster than any artificial medicine gulped by the patient through spiritual science .

The human body works with the help of many acids and basic factors constituting it are hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. When there is a variation in these three elements there is either dysfunction or degeneration of body. He initializes his mothed with the DNA analysis using dermatoglyphics  ( fingerprint).  To him, the tip of finger has the Friction Ridges. By imaging the ridges, finger print is obtained. It helps in analyzing the DNA structure of the individual. The decoding knowledge that he uses is gained from Vedic Science itself. Ancient knowledge like Agastya Nool and Brihat-Samhita were used for developing effective mapping techniques. An image on bio metric application helps like an invisible mechanism to read an autobiography of a person till his death. It gives details which a color separated image or an EGG graph will not able to give - the complicated characteristic nature of each cell of human brain Mental retardation is a generalized disorder, characterized by sub-average cognitive functioning and defects in adaptive behaviors. Dermatoglyphics based Bio-Metric mapping system is an advanced detection and prevention technology for mental retardation. After mapping and identification, the problems of the brain and other areas in cells base can be re-established. It is more easily done in children but can definitely create change in adults too. In this system, all kinds of brain problems can be identified and rearranged as active brains cells using the practice called SELF CLONISM. To Yogi Mohan, chemical from natural sources have a strong influence in human physiology. The largest form of natural chemical is drinking water. Yogi Mohan believes that every individual is unique and needs individual techniques to treat.

“Each human being is different and unique. So, you need different techniques and that is the success behind my every effort,” he says with a confident smile. As his viewpoints gain momentum, the application method introduced by Yogi Mohan is accepted as a potent enough to cure a host of a disabled or deformed. Now, those disabled and retarded who had the luck to be healed call him “mother”. Yogi Mohan extends them the solace of a mother. “I am only a practitioner. The divine element within me is within everyone. Maybe I have found it before some of them. He points out the life of the recovered children as a question mark challenging unending superstitions and pride of professionalism. Yogi Mohan’s spiritual practice keeps telling us about the order we need to develop out of our life style. The principle Yogi Mohan use gives a wide dimension and new light to the Children with disabilities. This principle when applied is able to bring in changes faster than what other medications can do.

Yogi Mohan wrote more than a dozen books in various language. The Nature and Sound, a book about the mantras is globally accepted one, defines the action of sound using in different form.   He proven the theory through his book “Nature and sound”. He says sound is the next generation energy for all purpose. He has developed many sound waves for administrating climate and being from the source of Vedic science and mantras. Using the same principle of mantras, any human problems can be solved it is usable in different wavelength and amplitude. And sound can be the advanced weapon for defense.

His theory Disability Elimination Science(DESc) is applied and published the patient authority and waiting for patent. He continues his spiritual journey as a ray of hope for human disability. 



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