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Perish unless you restrain

September 8, 2017

The world is undergoing dire crises, most of which are manmade. Natural calamities posed threat in early days, while each moment practically puts up one these days. Sedition, riots, guerilla wars which smother government and administrative systems pose the greatest of these threats. Killing people for racial and political reasons, admirably called riots, should it prevail in a sophisticated world? Should it be permitted in the human scenario? It needs to be contemplated. Most of these genocides, - somehow we should call them thus, appear to be population control measures. While we have disturbances via unscrupulous exploitation of nature, like climatic severities, on one side, insurgency broaches hazard on the other. These rebellions in fact entice catastrophes, ignorance to the mankind. We have not yet forgotten the history of genocides, which wiped out nations and civilizations, on their way of establishing empire. The prowess of the empire was shown by subduing literally powerless civilizations,  which indeed was washing away humanity. We have in front of us a long saga of conquests and subsequent killing of millions or billions, no precise data available. Religious establishments have managed to create a societal set up based on fear, euphemized superstition, the demon uncovers itself eventually. It is one of the dilemmas.

Climatic conditions stifle the world, the leaders who fare their life for survival of the race, should never be throttled by sabotage or sedition. This sabotage does little good. Certain self control should be sought at times, for the betterment of the world. Religious leaders, political tops should intervene, and direct the race.

The world is furthering fast to economic crisis. Regulation in the use of fossil fuels, which was proposed by the close of last century, has not yet been fully effective. Reach of its market has diminished, which later led to become somewhat stingy. Luxury addicts have not yet changed their mindset though.  

Computer aided, precisely internet aided administration and management of database, have turned to a complete dependency. There have been attempts to demolish computer networks. Vying, feud, global competition, sabotaging enemies, have now become destroying database, they know the vitality of information. Global treasury, gold deposits, financial transactions, speculations, international trade etc are online now, solely rest assured on computer networks. Evolution and sustenance of technologies assume two ways, one is through good ends, and the other is through bad/ wrong ends. These two ends consume technology extensively, so chances of sabotage is high.

Facilitating administration depends upon the political personalities, since the evolution of such a system. Making peaceful circumstances for popular governance is the responsibility of political personalities of all parties, sustenance of the world relies on such state of equilibrium, unless it results in catastrophes. This leads to void, utter disruption, from which a drawback is impossible.         



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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