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September 8, 2017

 Kayakalpa, the predominant knowledge of masters, prior to developing any of the medical science and terminology, a branch of science has been established has been known as KAYAKALPA. It was collective information and knowledge of many generations handed over one to another.

It has been a ritual for early Buddhist ritual  and later conceived to  Hindu system as a fellowship. Due to the limitation and the indexing of the materials using in medical science and alternative science with material application and in taking suggestions, the terminology of Kayakalpa is not possible to implement as a system of medical science. It is a science with precision both in terminology and application need accuracy for the success and better result. Kayakalpa never considered as a system for treating and curing any disease since the ancient period but for all disabilities. Fortunately or unfortunately there is no other since is able to substitute for Kayakalpa technology and most modern science is behind pathological concepts only. And it was a popular science till establishing the modern medical science and alternatives but no way was it equal to that. It was standing alone because human disabilities are defined and giving apt solution and remedy for Retardation, deformity and disabilities in many hundred domains (see the list of rare disease). In kayakalpa, the disease is considered as an encroachment of any foreign body or after effect of an accident. A foreign body can be a toxin or a bacterial attack or by a man made factor. But disability, retardation and deformity is cause by the algorithm of constitution of the body, can be normalised using another condition is called kayakalpa. Modern medical terminology and pathology is not able to give any terminological and scientific definitions for human conditions but Kayakalpa. It may be or may not be a system developed for rituals or something, the certainty is there with solutions for human conditions in Kayakalpa .

Kayakalapa is a 5000 years old science resecting all-natural force and re-establishing all loosed particle in a human body naturally. This is only science in the human history offer solution for human conditions, rejuvenation and age control. Kayakalpa has been a sub branch with Hindu mythology and many scripts ware seen as Godian concepts. May be Hinduism is more connected with natural establishments and its applications comparing with other relegians and science.Ofcourse I have to state Hinduism have a perfect science in many way because it results are there. The Inter-relation with the terminology of establishments in Hindu religious scripts are seeing in many places of the puranas.  For example in Mahabharata, there is an episode that how ‘amruthu’ churning of the ocean to get back the powers the gods. It said to have to churn the oceans and bring out the magical nectar-amrita. Only after consuming it could they regain their powers. This great churning is known as samudra manthan. In Kaykalpa there is a smiler way how to prepare a drinking water during the Kayakalapa fellowship period.


As per the perspective of the Kayakalpa , is explained with many hundred other corresponding science. There is nothing special for developments of human being than other animals. Thousands of years ago ancient peoples not only from India developed a zero defective theory but also from the various part of the world ware followed in different form. That scientifically and technically teaches to the interested persons to follow up the terminology of Kayakalap to live without any disability and deformity include mental retardation. Kayakalpa is process of 45 days rituals, which is for keeping the terminology suggested as part of the kayakalpa fellowship, for the satisfactory application of this technic. It was a zero defective, a forty five day long, pre organized, well explained, pre designed station for the follow up for a particular purpose of a human being. It can be for aging control, body rejuvenation, and unnatural definition of the human constitution or anything else.

The kayakalpa is established with much organized technical back up of scientific parameter. In Kayakalpa, one should keep away from external forces like sunlight, mix air, mix of unwanted sound, presents of unwanted persons and controlled thought process. All this is aiming to control the emotions of the body. Keeping one’s mind and body under strict and organized situation   is creating the natural situation for reorganizing the normal condition of the human body. In the terminology of Kayakalpa , human body is considered as temple and a tower of astatic  balance. Every human body is a tower which has an equal proportion and ratio from the middle to side. This aesthetic balance and proportion is creating beauty and attraction by way of seeing a person. As per the terminology of kayakalpa, the proportion and ratio of the head and body is 1:7.25, and head and leg is 1: 4.25. The summitry from the centre to side should be equal in dimensions and likens. This creates a real beauty of a person. If one is which will not have this aspect of ratio and aesthetic balance is considered as deformity.

And there any kind of deformity there shall be associated symptom of retardation too.

The medical science is always considerd to cure and treat disease based on pathological results and or by an image. But retardation , disability and deformity have no such kind of results what so ever.  Now there are no many person to know technically and theoretically about the Kayakalpa terminology and application other than this writer. In my experience, I was successfully completed couple of thousand kayakalpa application to all classifications and retardation. There were hundred present successes in educated community, who is able to understand the terminology.   As part of the advance research and study cause for establishing a teachable terminology and syllabus for the purpose of academic teaching in graduate level. It was named deformity Elimination Science. The modern Deformity Elimination Science is formed from the ancient theory of Kayakalpa .



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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