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Life Project is a planning and application for the cost and budget reduction by sixty percentage with a span of 10 year globally.

June 22, 2017


Preparation of Life Project and Executive Summary for Professional Excellence and Self Compromise


          There are many talks and sayings about life and planning of life .It has widely been discussed in several poetic discourses that Life is a journey or drama, performed by men unconsciously. In a human life we are seeing professionals. Irrespective of particularty and perfection everone demant temslves as professionals . are these profanals are true professionals? In this aspect the percentage of perfection in their own profession is less than the graph of total percentage.

Life is a technical project. The preparation of advance planning about life is so important now always. Because there was no parameter to identify the personal calibre and effective application capability and its intensity so far.

In the matter of human being have more than 9000 ability to perform as a special person  based on his hereditary  and genetic background.

Different kind of calamity and dissatisfaction ruling almost all class with because of unhappy. Why this unhappy?


Nowadays, we see that men suffer and struggle abundantly in their personal life as well as in professional life, in fact everyone can be seen as a professional. Each job is a profession, each undertaking is a profession, and the one who performs that can be termed as a professional of that particular realm. Engineering, administration, medicine, IT, technical and such engagements, works or attitudes are related to performing certain tasks and delivering exchanges of communicative materials. The fundamental question is, is everyone a complete professional as they claim? Is everyone a successful professional? There persists confusion when it comes to complete professionalism. Let us look further.


            Complete professional is a leader, a helmsman in his area of work and concern. He is known by others as a successful and popular performer of the particular tasks which he undertakes or is engaged in. His knowledge about the concerned area will be incontrovertible and concise. What we have today is specialization in a particular Sub-Field, like in medicine, we have physician, ophthalmologist, oncologist, radiologist, surgeon and many others. At present we have above 40 specializations and each branch divided further into super, additional and joint specializations. What is relevant is that the subject of study is human body alone. A compartmented mechanism is studied under several compartmental streams of analysis! That is what these specializations point to. A physician undertakes the compartmentalized cases alone and he never wishes to attend any other ones. The single compartment, i.e. the human body is a subject to several dismembered analyses. Such is the case of engineering; electrical engineer and engineer of electronics seem too distinct. In accountancy, law, finance, IT or any area of knowledge the professional is given with compartmentalized knowledge and that makes them unable to gain complete professionalism.


            In IT, people claim they are IT professionals but in fact they are not. They will not be able to prepare a complete outcome without the help of someone else. Mere knowledge of any particular script or local information doesn’t make anyone IT professional. One who is proficient in a particular script, say php may not be able to deliver his best effort without the help of some preset codified systems which enable him to encode his content. We shall refer to those complete professionals as More Professional, they are outstanding. We should try to be More Professionals and that facilitates us become professionals in our practical life as well. Academic systems and societal structures are instrumental in making one a More Professional, because one is subject inevitably, to those discourses. Knowledge doesn’t mean somewhat referential information here, it denotes a wider aspect of practicability and performance.  

Life Project is relevant in making one a More Professional, a complete professional. Life Project is an outline of the complete life, what and how to learn, and tentative plan of each and every important action. What should be performed in the teenage, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on is recorded in the Life Project of a person. Substantial actions each year, month, week or day shall be part of the Life Project. It makes one confident and determined about his future and plans and that is fundamental to setting up one’s career and life. Firm decisions can be taken with making the Life Project a source of reference. Equipping one with the ability to prepare the Life Project should be under academic and societal trains. Modern academic system fails at this point; it doesn’t equip the learners with comprehensive information. Instead the learners are given additional unnecessary and unprofitable information of the system’s interest. An outlook of their life is missing in the learners. No educational system teaches us to prepare our Life Project.

When the Life Project is prepared, everyday becomes a particular day with a particular task. The particular task is component of a common task. The accordance with the Life Project facilitates gaining expertise in the field of interest. As Tagore said in one of his poems, “arms stretched towards perfection” man can flourish as a race with perfection. Normally people falter in their fields of work because they are never the fields of their interest. It can be remedied via preparing the Life Project. Academic system has a vital role in helping people prepare their Life Projects. The information imparted should be in depth, and teaching should be in a way that one becomes personally, professionally, publically and in each aspect an acceptable person.

Preparation of the Life Project of a person consists of several intricate procedures with the backup of his genetic code. One may possess several thousands of capabilities pertaining to the genetic structure and the particles distributed at the levels of development. One can be made More Professional by assessing the genetic codes he possesses and his direction can be oriented in accordance with the same. Abilities, inabilities, disabilities and special abilities can be ascertained by analyzing the genetic structure, DNA system, the presence of Chemical substances and even the Retina. Dermatoglymbus is the method of analyzing the skin cells and that can be made use of in order to prepare the Life Project. Skin cells are in fact nerve endings, human body contains several thousand of them. High end microscopes can identify these nerve endings, and the accumulated data can be analysed by custom software to read the basic structural algorithm of the particles. Those nerve endings represent the total algorithm of one’s chemical- particle distribution. The particles determine one’s abilities and disabilities, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even social. Positive as well as negative neuron reflections can be read by these analyses and each neuron reflection corresponds to a certain character. One’s career aspirations, proficiencies, criminal tendencies and behavioural patterns can be calculated from these readings. After getting all these data a Personal Data Chart can be prepared which can be used as a unique identification portal.

Knowing something beforehand has two benefits, one is, we can normalise negative impulses by taking preventive measures and the other is we can strengthen the positive impulses by facilitating appropriate circumstances. So, one’s life plans should be directed by taking his abilities and interests as a benchmark. Life Project can be a deciding factor in the Executive Summary of a life. Executive Summary is an executive plan of actions – what, where and how to perform life tasks. After observing the Life Project, one’s life may be directed in a way that it benefits him and the society. Preparation of the Life Project and the Executive Summary is to be taken so carefully as each and every life is important. Dermatoglymbus, DNA Analysis, Retina Analysis and Chemical Analysis are the effective ways to measure one’s abilities and hence prepare the Life Project. With the Life Project, aspirations of the children can be redirected and if any negative reflections are seen in the L P, they can be neutralized or normalize by taking precautions.

One can be made More Professional or a complete professional by the preparation of Life Project and Executive Summary and that can also be utilised to identify the society’s problems. If Governments prepare a database of the Life Projects of the citizens, it is easy to identify and defuse societal problems. An organized, to be precise a pre-organised Life Project helps the Government to reduce expense of its “crisis” management systems such as the police, law and judiciary. 90% of the malfunctions of the particles, i.e., behavioural disorders and disorganisations can be normalised if accurate data is collected. Life Project is a key to understanding the particle distribution and genetic structure and that can be made a basis for such remedial measures. Tendencies to use drugs, alcohol, behavioural problems (which result in accidents, terrorism, social evils etc) can also be solved using the data of the Life Project.

Professionalism- the Four Basic Divisions and their Implications


Professions, which are based on sciences, have undergone several categorizations right from the ancient periods. These sciences were mandatory for connecting human life with the society. To be precise, 64 was the number of such divisions, in almost all cultural systems, like Indian, Egyptian, and Latin American etc. Professions are part of the society, unarguably because they are closely related with human needs and requirements. Man’s requirements vary abundantly, and life can be said to be an attempt to realize those requirements.

            Society was led and ruled by kings, prophets, religious leaders, chieftains of tribes and people groups, and mighty men and women of such kind, who looked into the requirements of the fellow men. They decided over meeting the requirements by setting up services or professions. They, by establishing their own criteria, chose to systematize those fields of life sciences. People attempted to gain expertise in those fields of expertise too. The rulers even had their own Arthasastras (Treasure Science) the science of Management. Its area of concentration spanned from accumulating wealth to distributing required ends and organizing administration. Wealth management, in those days was fundamentally based on the received Arthasastras. This management was part of the administrative system and the effective management made a balanced administration. The rulers paid close attention to maintaining a balance between the necessities and the distribution ratio, and orienting the efficiency of the professionals in order to benefit all the members of the society.

            Every human effected with the wellbeing of his family, society, country, kingdom and the universe in one way or another, professionals too. Individual requirements pertained to food, clothing, shelter, medicine, sex etc of which every human craved. And professionalism had its range in relation with all these requirements. As we stated earlier, professions were related to certain needs and requirements of the individuals concerned. When we think of the sound, which is a primitive source of energy and charmed men via music, also bred professions. Music was taken a profession, drama was, and dance too was. These professions were concerned with emotional stature of the humans. Diamond designing, decoration, interior designing, cookery, pottery and several other professions were there, as part of the early stated 64 fields of expertise. All these fields were related with individual requirements and set upon the definite bases of the concerned sciences. Each profession pertained to a science, to be frank.

            Fundamental Divisions of the Professionals

Those who undertook the professions could be referred to as professionals, and they can be classified into four basic divisions based on their expertise and mastery. The divisions are as follows;

  1. More Professionals

  2. Professionals

  3. Semi-Professionals (Semi-skilled), and,

  4. Laymen

More Professionals are those who are able to satisfy men, fulfill the requirements of persons when and where required, and exhibited excellence in performance of the tasks of the particular professions. Even in present professional scenario, the concept remains unchanged and unrivalled. More Professionals are those who are capable of outshining, outperforming, and meeting their professional demands. They come at the topmost position among the working race. They are in other words complete professionals, who exhibit complete professionalism. The implications of the word professionalism need a wide discussion and we shall do it elsewhere in this chapter. They are super specialists in their field of interest and work, and are skillful enough to handle the problems whatsoever.  

            Professionals are those who are capable of managing their professional demands, and are not that much proficient as the More Professionals. Semi Professionals or Semi-skilled Professionals assist the top positions and do not possess skillfulness. Laymen support the superiors, they are nor professionals in the real sense of the term. These are the categories and classifications of the working class, and we shall here be focusing on the first division.

            The aspects in which More Professionals differ from the others have been discussed below. When one needs his house constructed, he may seek the help of the best architect or engineer in his locality. If he wishes the best possible service, he may not yield to any compromise in quality. The assistance of the More Professional, here the architect, gives him satisfaction. The More Professionals will be known by others as the most possible proficient workers as well. The assistance of the More Professionals results with satisfaction, of the participants, he himself and the one whom he work for. Likewise, if someone wishes to get most appropriate costumes, which fits and suits him best, he may not seek a common under-skilled tailor, but a fashion designer of reputation. The latter is capable of providing him with the best suitable design that fits him well, which matches his body structure and peripherals, because he has awareness in the concerned science. The more satisfied customers return him high reputation and fame. But a professional in tailoring also can be a More Professional, if he gains mastery over it. Such is the case of a barber; one who seeks satisfaction may go for a hair designer or fashion designer who could provide him satisfactory result. Professional barbers are not hair designers or fashion designers, they have their own realm of expertise which is different from the latter ones. Cobblers, More Professional cobblers, make shoes which are competitive enough with the trendsetters and matching quality standards. Journalists are of different professional abilities and interests, one who is good at charming the readers with eloquence may not outshine in all areas of journalism. Dealing with the readers requires expertise and it varies from an area of writing to another.    

            We can derive a generalization from the above examples that More Professionals or Complete Professionals are those well versed in the concerned science and who provide satisfactory results for the individuals who seek their assistance. Individual requirements are met with satisfactory performance, that is what makes the More Professional ones distinguished. Common men may not always be aware of the More Professionals and the value of their renderings, so the latter may not always be appreciated. Often comments may even be there, that is, the More Professionals may at times be put under criticism of the laymen who are not qualified enough. Excellent and extra ordinary works are often disregarded and discarded, several instances testify.

            When we think of the science behind the constitution of the society, we come at the division of people using the above 4 parameters, in 64 branches of arts and science, which enables the smooth functioning of the societal systems. These 64 branches were set a benchmark, in order to ensure that the human requirements are fulfilled. Each individual came under any of the 4 divisions in any of the 64 branches. And this ensured that individual requirements are dealt with effectively. This constituted the algorithm of the societal elements, which is fundamental in setting up the social structure.

            More Professionals are well versed in the field of expertise, we said earlier, but that doesn’t imply that they are good at everything. They may feel it unable to manage the professional strains of another work in the same society. That shows, to be precise, their inability to perform the same works in the same society. It is a natural law that every man cannot perform every task, and everyone cannot gain mastery over every field of work. The harmonious involvement of the 64 branches of science is mandatory and the four categories, such as More Professionals, Professionals, Semi-Professionals and Laymen ensure the proper distribution of human resources.

            Often there happens overlaps, those who are hardly professionals claim to be professionals which breaks the decorum. Semi Professionals claiming to be Professionals lead to dissatisfaction in the system. Satisfactory performance is what makes the More Professionals distinguished, we discussed earlier, and if those unqualified ones take over the professional’s task, it is a violation of the harmony. More Professionals’ organization, knowledge, efficiency and proficiency in the area of work are exceptional and they can be taken as the means identification of the More Professionals. The four personalities such as More Professionals, Professionals, Semi Professionals and Laymen belong to four steps of excellence, four positions in the graph.

            When we consider preparing the Life Projects, these four divisions are to be taken care of. The execution of the LP is solely dependent upon the individual’s ability to perform the tasks, and such capabilities pertain to the division to which he belongs. An analysis of the capabilities is essential in order to apply LP execution on a massive basis. Without an analysis of the knowledge, it is impossible to prepare the LP, and hence it becomes difficult to get the desired result. The four personalities may seem similar in physical and chronological aspects but the intensity of the knowledge can never be the same in any case. These four vary much in terms of the intensity of knowledge. To identify and distinguish them, Dermatoglyphics can be a good measure, it is the process of analyzing the nerve points and nerve endings in the skin using scientific methods. Using Dermatoglyphics, it is easy to analyze the mental capacities and such traits. The skin colour, emissions through vein points or nerve points etc come under the examination criteria, and these are checked thoroughly. A microscopic analysis of the skin is essential in identifying the nerve points and the history of analyses attests to that the nerve endings help us in identifying the personal and mental capabilities of the subject.

Dermatoglyphics in a Nutshell


Limitations and Scope of Life Project                           

In fact, there is no limitation for Life Project as it is idiosyncratic and individual. Academic system can be re-oriented by making LP a basis of imparting information. The database of Dermatoglymbus, DNA Analysis and such analyses are to be set and teaching/ training should be indirectly set upon the database. 50% of the police forces, law and judiciary can be mitigated if the social evils are eradicated and training based on LP is a key to taking such measures. Each year, month or day is part of a systematised action plan and that reduces the children swerving from their academic framework. If a child found with tendencies to commit crime, circumstances provoking him to such crimes can be eliminated and the chance of occurrence can be reduced. Diseases can be prevented beforehand as the LP gives a complete idea of the physical structure also. Having a point of aspiration makes one’s education stable and structured and that is possible with the preparation of LP.

Technology and science should focus on developing Life Project and Executive Summary as a means of stabilizing human race, defusing human future and making this universe a more worthy professional one. WHO, UNICEF and global leaders are vital in implementing the LP and ES project.     Dr.yogi Mohan 

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