Heritage campus is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of material physicist, heritage researchers, biochemists and nuclear scientists. The organisation set-up is a TRUST registered in and as different nations in all part of the world. The collegiums of medico-physic research relationship have been helped to form the process for information through generations available in all forms like written scripts, physical findings, atmospheric, earthen and deep-sea presentations, north-pole and planet actions, actions of mineral combinations and influence of living. It was a major task to getting into the entity of knowledge, to detect and identify the cause of human condition. Continuing the process of invents and analysis of many factors and its findings realized un-defined human conditions can be changeable through the definite scientific way. The members of our research team include enthusiastic academic experts and scientific reformers who want to establish the Heritage science as knowledge and technology.

We spent more than two decades for research process connecting all branch of corresponding science. Our pleasure is multi fold that the disabled children can be free from the branding of disabled and become normal. This is an opportunity to them to be free from all the hooks and come to the main stream social responsibilities without any separations.

Human disability is a medically impossible condition. Now,an innovative technology called DES is a total solution for solving all human disabilities ,that we innovated through rituals of ancient tradition. By transferring this technology in to common man level is the real remedy for the human disability. Now this technology is transferring to special educators, healers, health works and parents of disabled children globally. It is intending to educate 200,000 persons per year. And within five years, there will be one million trained individuals available for eradicate human disabilities and it will support the completion of the project.

The heritage campus successfully developed few technologies for disabled children and it will be implemented within a span of five years. For that Heritage campus need your patronage.


Heritage campus