"My expertise is

re-creating damaged body and mind for human and other beings through the thought process. It is my destiny"

Kayaklpa is an ancient ritual process based on Hindu mythology and science, not a medical terminology or process. It is an age old heritage system is used for controlling aging process and lives without ailments. In olden days, traditional approaches based on rituals are used for better living without ailments.  It also used for restoration for loosed particles of the human body, which is called now disabilities and retardation. Kayakalpa is the part of Hindu rituals and fellowship is collectively known as Hindu science. This terminology has been practiced  since 4000 BCE. It is evidence based technology, is totally applicable and proven

Kaya-kalpa rituals, the key of  existence

It helps  to solve disabilities and deformities (HUMAN conditions other than DISEASE) USING traditional spiritual technique of vaiseshika

I  have a special ability to normalize human conditions using my special traditional knowledge and spiritual practice for following disabilities. The classification of conditions and disabilities are by birth itself.

  1. Mental Retardation(MR). Mental retardation and Global development delays can be normalized within 21 days to 12 weeks for all ages.

  2. Down syndrome (21 trisomy and other genetic disorders)

  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

  4. Muscular Dystrophy (MD). It is a group of muscle developmental problem that results in increasing weakening and breakdown of skeletal muscles over time.

  5. Color blindness (all type of color blindness is normalized and get normal vision within a short span)

  6. Autism spectrum disorder 

  7. Osteoporosis

  8. Dwarf and/or giant nature of body. It increases height and weight in short man (dwarf) and reduces the height and weight in long man (giant body) considered to the age.

  9. Aesthetic imbalance. It is happening by many reason. as the part of disability in body presents aesthetic imbalance . In some other cases, aesthetic imbalance seen as part of beauty concept. It includes correction of lip, nose, teeth, forehead, arms, fingers, nails, shoulder, and central architectural tower of the whole body.

  10. Aggressiveness

  11. Learning disability (LD) etc.

  12. And all human conditions    

 It is ..

Vaikalya Nivarna Saasthra , the ultimate science for beings and creation................

​Hindu science for well being

Brahma, the creator of the universe is systematically established all being. The Vedic scripts, epics and philosophies are guidelines about it. There is very particular user manual with it for human use.

The Vedic theory

The Vedic theory is organised and pre-designed. It is an equation from atom to universe. The physical universe is created with five elements. The creations of human beings are by nine elements 

Complete solution

The Hindu science is a combination of many branch of science. It connects with all areas of life from birth to death. Any branch of science standing independently may not act as per the expectations

Helping you to live better

Complete solution

The Vedic theory

Well being for all ages using Vedic Science with in 21 days 

Mental Retardation under age 6 : The most powerful KAYAKALPA was practiced since the Vedic period designed by the supreme God, the creator of the being. It is not a system of medicine but an organised spiritual and technical approach to regenerate the human body and mind. It is ruled through the regeneration of the attributes of the substance of each atom of the cell organised all kind of loosed particle regeneration .Through this process, human body converting overnight .Any or all human conditions can be organised as normal one with in a short span of time . It is the ancient Hindu System. Now it is available with us to experience and study.


Mental Retardation normalization  under age 21 : It is second span of age from the infancy .The internal process of regeneration will complete with in a span of five days in general. But appearing and establishing to whole body is the matter of the time frame with 21 days. It is a universal metabolism of day by day energy factor. As per the theory Vedas, anu (atom) is the at most micro particle of the human body .Each atom is consist with nine substances and seventeen attributes .The value of the substance and attributes in an atom of a cell is .It is calculated Sage Kaishapa and Kanada in different ages . Any ups and down in this principle is changing the whole culture of the atom in the cell. It  will be change the body constitution, is the factor of the disability and deformity.


Physical deformity normalization : The mantra-thantra-yentra  format of Vedic science is very particular about human body and mind .Any  forceful approach to the human body is against the low of creation. Instead allow it to balance with substance and attributes .Human idle is a divine temple need to consider as a divine one created by the supreme God Brahma. Any creation of the God is to be considered and respect similarly to seeing the God. If one is able to respect the God, without expecting the material benefits can be achieved the way used by the God too. The deficiency in the technical combination of the substance of each atom will cause physical deformity in many ways. All this deformity can be normalized with in a span of 41 days 

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the Ancient Science 


Indian Tradition